I started my journey to discover health about 5 years ago. I was a chronic migraine sufferer, who also had terrible acne, bouts of serious depression, and a son with ADD.

I had undergone every test possible for my migraines, including MRI’s, CT scans, and was started on a prophylactic drug regimen. My son was placed on medication for his ADD, which I hated. But I didn’t know what else to do to try and make him successful. The medication changed him, and I hated it. His personality was not his own, and I knew we needed another way.

That is when I discovered the importance of fruits and vegetables, whole foods, and limiting processed foods in my diet. Not only did this help my migraines, it also helped me get beautiful skin, and get rid of my depression. We changed my son’s diet, limiting processed foods, food dyes, and sugars. He came off of his ADD medication!

Upon discovering how this helped myself and my family, I wanted to learn how to help others with the same challenges. So I decided to learn more about nutrition, which led me to an interest in health coaching. I studied numerous different dietary theories, and ways to make simple changes to become healthy. I enjoy discovering and creating healthy recipes, and sharing these tips with my clients.

I now work with those that are trying to make lifestyle changes to achieve their idea of optimal health. I want to help you discover the joy and happiness of true health.